Tuesday RSVP deadline for Thursday dinner

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-12-50-59-pmThe UAlbany East Campus recently was rebranded, and now goes under the name UAlbany Health Sciences Campus.

Why? Get the behind-the-scenes details of the change, and what it may mean for the future of the Rensselaer complex when Laura Schweitzer is our after-dinner speaker this Thursday at Quigley’s.

Speaking of dinner, we’re having a bit of a change in menu this week, with a vegetarian cheese lasagna as the centerpiece. Dinner coordinator Debbie Brown says, “I will appreciate your feedback, as we are looking for some vegetarian options for entrees.”

Debbie also would like your feedback (via email to mdbrown@nycap.rr.com) no later than Tuesday evening on whether you plan to attend this week and, if so, whether you are bringing a guest. That information is necessary to give the Quigley’s kitchen an accurate headcount.

Here’s who is coming so far. Please join them by RSVPing to Debbie:

  1. Pat Bailey
  2. Terry Brewer
  3. Dick Drumm
  4. Murray Forth
  5. Ray Hannan
  6. Phil Kellerman
  7. Jim Leyhane
  8. Roberto Martinez
  9. Laura Schweitzer (guest speaker)
  10. Joann Maddocks (guest of Pat Bailey)

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