Tuesday RSVP deadline for Thursday dinner

Albany Stratton VA Medical Center

One of our club’s major points of emphasis in the past few years has been financially assisting various organizations dedicated to the support of veterans of the U.S. military and their families. Just last week, we presented identical $1,450 grants to two of them, the latest of our ongoing awards.

So, it should be of particular interest to many of you to hear a presentation at this Thursday’s dinner meeting by James Arrington, Service Center Manager at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center. He will outline the benefits available to our veterans through that  taxpayer-funded institution.

The dinner menu will be of a vegetarian nature, with either  eggplant parm or vegetable lasagna as the entree, accompanied by a salad, chef’s choice of side dishes, bread, dessert and beverages.

To provide the Quigley’s kitchen staff with an accurate headcount first thing Wednesday morning, we will need your RSVP to be received by Debbie Brown (mdbrown@nycap.rr.com) no later than Tuesday evening. Please be sure to include any guests.

We’re expecting a good turnout, with 15 people signed up so far and no snow in the  balmy forecast (see image clip below from the National Weather Service). The guest list so far:

  1. Pat Bailey
  2. Geoff Brewer
  3. Terry Brewer
  4. Debbie Brown
  5. Peter Brown
  6. April Dowd
  7. Bill Dowd
  8. Dick Drumm
  9. Charlie Foote
  10. Murray Forth
  11. Phil Kellerman
  12. Jim Leyhane
  13. Becky Raymond
  14. Debbie Rodriguez
  15. James Arrington (guest speaker)


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