ShelterBox deploying aid to Madagascar

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.40.29 PM
Gale-force winds whip palm trees sideways on Madagascar.
Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.55.08 PM
Marker locates Madagascar

A ShelterBox Response Team is deploying to Madagascar after Cyclone Enawo made landfall on the African island nation on Tuesday, with heavy rains and winds up to 170 mph.

At last count, at least five people have died and more than 10,000 people have been left homeless. Both numbers are expected to climb as a result of the Category 4 storm, the strongest cyclone to hit Madagascar in 13 years.

ShelterBox has available its extensive supply of shelter and emergency aid that can be mobilized as soon as response teams have assessed what is most needed.

The gale force winds and heavy rain are expected to cause flash flooding and mudslides throughout the rest of this week. Because most of Madagascar’s roads are dirt and are being washed out, reaching the hardest hit areas of the northeastern part of the island nation will be difficult.

According to the Malagasy Red Cross Society, an estimated 720,000 people have been affected by this intense tropical cyclone. A red alert has been issued for the northeast coastal area, advising residents to abandon houses on water edges, store drinking water, and seek safe shelter as the dangerous weather continues.

Communications in many areas are severed as a result of the storm so the full extent of damage is not yet known.

As ShelterBox is monitoring that developing situation, its emergency response efforts continue in other countries around the world.

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Since 2012, ShelterBox has helped more than 9,000 families affected by the Syrian refugee crisis with emergency shelter. With the help of distribution partners Hand in Hand for Syria and ReliefAid, ShelterBox continues to deliver winterized ShelterKits to those who have been displaced by the Syrian conflict. In addition to emergency shelter supplies, these kits also include hats, gloves and scarves for adults and children, as well as kerosene heaters to protect against the harsh winter weather conditions. With an estimated 6.3 million people internally displaced in Syria, the need continues

Iraqi Kurdistan

ShelterBox continues its response by providing locally sourced ShelterKits, as well as ShelterBox tents, to families displaced by violence in Iraqi Kurdistan. In just the past few weeks, more than 42,000 people have been displaced.

Cameroon, Niger

Boko Haram terrorist violence in Nigeria has displaced more than 7 million people. ShelterBox continues to provide shelter and critically needed supplies to refugees arriving daily in Cameroon and Niger.

Somaliland, Mozambique

ShelterBox Assesment Teams have deployed to assess developing conditions in the two African nations. Somaliland is in a state of severe drought and warnings of famine have been declared. In Mozambique, Cyclone Dineo has caused severe flooding and thousands of families have been displaced.

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