Groundbreaking completed for Viking gym project in Schodack

gym 2Work has begun on the Viking Gym  project at Schodack Town Park.  These images show the groundbreaking for the setting of logs which will stabilize/make the gym.

Pictured are:  Leonardo Gonzales, the Eagle Scout project leader from Troop 41; helpers/friends Matthew Kelly and Billy Lindemann, and Ron Annis of the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club who is the project coordinator.

The gym will be an  outdoor training and exercise station, with this phase laying  the groundwork, with other Scouts expanding the resource year-to-year, eventually covering an approximately 100 square foot area. The project is based on a Viking playground design created in Sweden. It is being developed in conjunction with the our sister Rotary Club in Gefle, Sweden, the hometown of Ron ‘s wife  Monika.

gym 1

gym 3

One thought on “Groundbreaking completed for Viking gym project in Schodack

  1. Our family was by the park today and visited the gym. Is it finished? Are there going to be instructions as to use the equipment???
    Thanks for all the hard work. It is nice to have.


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