Make your reservation now for trivia night

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Question No. 1: What’s on  the menu for this Thursday’s Rotary meeting?

Answer No. 1: Chicken Marsala with chef-selected sides, salad, bread, dessert and beverages.

Question No. 2: What else?

Answer No. 2: Trivia.

Yes, it’s time for our 3rd annual Great North American Whizbang Trivia Test, that yearly opportunity for Rotarians and guests to clear all that useless trivia knowledge out of their brain pans and make room for more knowledge.

WebTriviamaster Bill Dowd has put together a five-category quiz you’ll be taking as individual players (no teams). Prizes to the top three  finishers. The categories:

  • Television
  • Food & Drink
  • American History
  • Sports
  • Geography

Be sure to invite a friend, relative, colleague, etc., anyone who enjoys good-natured competition. Just be sure to email dinner coordinator Debbie Brown at no later than this Tuesday evening. The following people already have signed up, but we’d like to have a lot more:

Ron Annis
Pat Bailey
Geoff Brewer
Terry Brewer
Debbie Brown
Peter Brown
April Dowd
Bill Dowd
Dick Drumm
Murray Forth
Ray Hannan
Phil Kellerman
(*) Jim Leyhane
Roberto Martinez
Debbie Rodriguez

(*) Defending champion

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