Rotary Home Cooking: A Surf & Turf evening

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 4.13.48 PMDespite rumors that their “surf and turf” menu for a “Rotary Home Cooking Series” dinner might include anything from burgers-by-the-pool to possum-and-tuna, Murray and Maggie Forth pulled off another fine event with salmon and kebabs on Saturday night.

Here are some scenes from the event:

Hosts Murray & Maggie somehow smiled through the whole effort.
A scenic setting on a lovely spring evening.
A real surf-and-turf plate.
Left to Right: Geoff Brewer, Jim Leyhane, Julius & Efrosini Frankel, Dick Drumm, Betty Brewer, and  Roberto Martinez,
Jeremy Forth and Geoff Brewer enjoying the evening.
Dick & Mary Drumm commandeered the comfy seat.
Julius and a young member of the Forth family.
Is this called a “froth” of Brewers?
Do Debbie & Peter Brown ever look unhappy? Bless ’em.

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