Ronald McDonald House dinner hits the spot

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.45.43 PM
The SRC Dinner Crew (l to r back row): Roberto Martinez, Julius Frankel, Peter Brown, Phil Kellerman, Debbie Rodriguez. Front row: Efrosini Frankel, Debbie Brown, Carole Spencer.
Roberto posts the dinner menu on the chalkboard.

The latest cooking effort by Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club at Ronald McDonald House in Albany on Wednesday was a big hit.

As Roberto Martinez reported:

“Before we started cooking a couple came up to thank us. … They remarked how words couldn’t explain how much it was appreciated and what a blessing it was to have someone helping them with the food. Their child was in the hospital for the last week.

“I spoke to a child while he was eating and asked what was his favorite. ‘The tortellini, the broccoli in the salad, and the chicken nuggets’,” he replied.

“The family … reminded us of why we were there and what is means to be a Rotarian.”

Thanks to the volunteers in the kitchen, and to those who helped put the event together ahead of time.


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