An update on the Shaker site fixup project

Creating framework for the Shaker sign. (C.C. Chen photo)

We had nearly-immediate photo coverage on our website and Facebook page of the recent work project at the Shaker Heritage Site in the Town of Colonie in which SRC participated with three other clubs. (Click here to see it.) However, good works never get stale.

Jack Faddegon, Assistant District Governor for Area 8 and the person who conceived the project, reports:

“What a great day we had two Saturdays ago at the Shaker museum site. The new sign and decorative fence is up and the pasture fence has been repaired. The holes that were a hazard to the animals have been filled, and the vines and saplings have been removed. Now people that come to the site will be greeted by a great new sign, and we are getting ready to move the team of oxen to their new home. Thanks to all of you for this. It was truly a joint venture.”

So, we now we have this collection of event photos from C.C Chen, concentrating on the creation of a new decorative fence and sign.


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