‘School Supplies Drive’ gets under way

Screen shot 2017-07-14 at 1.14.26 PMOur annual “School Suplies Drive” for pre-school and high school students in the Rensselaer City School District is under way.

Andy Leyhane has taken over coordinating duties this year from Bill Dowd, and is working with the sponsoring Circles of Mercy organization to collect as many items on the checklist below as possible. (Contributions are tax deductible.)

“I’ll be present to collect donations at our ‘Summer Casual’ events or will arrange to have a helper collect in my absence,” Andy says. “If you can’t make any of the events but still want to donate, not a problem. Just reach out to me and we can coordinate a pickup that is convenient for you.”

As always, the club encourages members and friends to involve their kids, grandkids, etc., in this drive as part of a “kids helping kids” effort. Anyone who would like to involve their business, non-Rotary organization, neighborhood, etc., in this drive is welcome to collect donations and get them to Andy. Please remember when purchasing items that our focus is on high school and pre-school students.

Circles is requesting the following types of school supplies:

• pencils (regular lead #2 and color)
• pencil sharpener
• pencil erasers
• pens (black or blue)
• markers (dry erase and color)
• pocket folders (assorted colors)
• 3-ring binders (in 2” and 3” sizes)
• looseleaf paper (college ruled)
• graph paper
• spiral subject notebooks (1, 3 and 5 subject, college ruled)
• subject dividers
• plastic zipper pencil cases / boxes
• 3×5” index cards
• yellow highlighters
• rulers (standard measurement with metric)
• Kleenex tissues
• hand sanitizer (small bottles)
• Post-It notes
• backpacks (no rollers/wheels)
• looseleaf reinforcement stickers
• combination locks (for gym lockers)
• flash drives
• ear buds (for computer use)
• scientific calculators


This is how the District 7190 newsletter, The Toolbox, covered our effort last year.

Screen shot 2017-07-14 at 1.13.56 PM

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