A final evening by the pool

The final picnic-and-pool-party of SRC’s “Summer Casual” season was held under friendly skies Thursday night, co-hosted by Jim and Andy Leyhane at Jim’s East Greenbush residence.

A nice turnout with plenty of kids frolicking in the pool and hot tub, adults frolicking through the beverage bar, family and guests mingling with Rotarians, and a dinner of barbecued chicken, mac and cheese and broccoli salad plus a lineup of member-contributed appetizers and desserts filled the evening and our bellies. Many thanks to the Leyhanes for their hosting skills and energy.

Next Thursday will be our visit to the Mac Haydn Theatre in Chatham for a performance of “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” Then, on Thursday, August 24, Ray Hannan will host a picnic at Eastwyck Village. If you haven’t yet let him know whether you will or will not attend — and how many will be in your party — please email him no later than Monday, August 21 at ray110b@yahoo.com one way or the other.

Meanwhile, here are some images from Thursday night’s event, courtesy of Bill Dowd, Roberto Martinez, and Carol Orvis.

Party 9
Mary, one of our new members — with a future Rotarian?
Leyhane munchies
Tending to the youngest Leyhane generation.
Is Len’s mind on his next distance running event?
Party 9x
Bill never could get the hang of the spoon-on-the-nose trick.
Screen shot 2017-08-11 at 2.18.35 PM
Staking out poolside seats.
Party 10
A poolside confab.
Party 11
A refreshment break from the pool.
Party A
The cool table.
The Koshykars eyeball the appetizer table.
The Wave
Practicing the royal wave.
The Brewers with our newest member, Kevin Leyhane.
Hot Tub
Hot tub inhabitants.
Debbie in seasonally-appropriate finery.
Andy shows off a few of the school supplies collected for the annual drive.
OK, what are they looking at? …

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