District switches its raffle grand prize

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 2.10.06 PM

Those who have been online to register for District 7190’s annual Foundation Dinner no doubt noticed that the registration form included the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. However, the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean forced a change in the grand prize.

Instead of a trip to Puerto Rico, still reeling in the aftermath and no doubt facing years of rebuilding, the top prize now is a Florida vacation.

District Governor Fred Daniels says the new package is a stay in a two-bedroom suite at a resort in Kissimee FL — that boasts 14 pools on site — plus free transport to all of the major theme parks in that area, including Disney World.

Organizers of the November 16 dinner are asking anyone interested in attending to please make their online reservations no later than November 1 — just 19 days from now.


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