RSVP by Tuesday for dinner meeting on Thursday

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 3.07.42 PM
Thursday’s menu star

It may not be a lot warmer than it was last week, but at least there’s less snow. Thus, after a one-week hiatus forced by a heavy snowfall, we’ll resume our 6:15 p.m. Thursday dinner meetings this week at Quigley’s.

President Roberto Martinez will be getting us up to speed on a variety of topics and activities, including a revamping of our committee system. And, in case you can’t let go of the holidays just yet, we’ll be serving a roast turkey dinner with antipasto salad, chef’s choice of sides dishes, bread, dessert, and beverages. Plus, the cash bar is always open.

Please be sure you let dinner coordinator Debbie Brown know via email ( no later than Tuesday evening if you plan to attend. This also may be a good opportunity to being a guest who is interested in finding out more about Rotary and its prominent impact in the community.

Here’s who has sent in RSVPs so far:

Brewer, Geoff
Brewer, Terry
Brown, Debbie
Brown, Peter
Forth, Murray
Hannan, Ray
Kellerman, Phil
Leyhane, Kevin
Martinez, Roberto
Rodriguiz, Debbie

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