Recycling in the rain, really

Loading a container of papers into the mobile shredder.

Recycling IconDespite wet, blustery conditions — that, of course, gave way to after-event sunshine — our latest “SRC Recycling Day” to support our youth scholarships program was quite successful on Saturday.

A steady stream of people anxious to rid themselves of documents, old TV sets, electronic components, etc., showed up at the Wainschaf Associates facility to keep our volunteers happy.

In fact, one person showed up with 911 pounds of documents to be shredded.

Numerous people expressed their support for this recycling effort, and for Rotary’s commitment to the community at large. A fair number of them also said “Keep the change,” and several others who had no chargeable items to recycle donated money to the effort. We’ll have a complete financial accounting by treasurer Murray Forth at next Thursday’s dinner meeting.

Among the volunteers: Murray Forth, Terry Brewer, Josh Wainman, Pat Bailey, Bill Dowd, Andy Leyhane, Mike Dewey, Ray and Lois Hannan, Debbie Rodriguez, Charlie Foote, Kevin Leyhane, Dick Drumm, Phil Kellerman, Debbie and Peter Brown, and Carol Orvis.

Here are a few other scenes from the day:












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