And, the winner is …

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 11.27.47 AMRay Hannan wins the (imaginary) prize for being the first SRC member to respond to the request for pledges for our annual “Adopt-a-Family” for the holidays project. Thank you, Ray!

Wonder who will be next? Maybe it will be you. Or, if you didn’t get around to reading your email yet, simply click here to catch up on what we’re doing for our annual push and what you can do to be part of it.

We sincerely need all our SRC members to get involved in one way or another — by purchasing items on our two-person family’s wish list or by putting together a batch of personal hygiene kits from the shopping list we’ve provided to you. Please just let us know ASAP what you plan to do by emailing us a note to

The hard deadline for donating items is Thursday, December 13. We’ll be collecting your donations between now and then and then delivering them to Circles of Mercy.

Thanks for all you do.

Bill & April Dowd
Adopt-a-Family project coordinators

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