Membership Summit nears, and you’re invited

District 7190 Area 1
Assistant District Governor

Registration is open for the next Rotary District 7190 Membership Summit — this one titled “Back to Basics — Boot Your Membership.”

The event is scheduled for Thursday, March 7, at the Glenville Senior Center, 32 Worden Road, Glenville. Dinner will begin at 5:30 p.m., and the program at 6 p.m. While there is no charge to attend, reservations are requested to assure sufficient food and seating.

There are many clubs that already have or possibly could have membership issues in the future.  As a result, club meetings and activities are changing with the goal in mind of how to attract members of the younger age groups and retain members of all ages.

Clubs need members who are active and who volunteer for projects and help guide the club forward.  It is amazing how many members have held the office of president and other offices again and again.

It is so easy to just say every member has the responsibility of bringing in new members.  Well, if it is so easy why are we not overwhelmed?  I guess it isn’t that easy.  I have asked members how they would approach someone and what they would say. Suddenly there is silence, and shuddering trying to find the right words.  Most don’t have a proper script in mind just how to invite someone.

Also, younger prospective members are part of a changing environment. They may not want to attend a meeting every week, or if they miss too many meetings they get a comment or letter in the mail, or sometimes nothing.

Clubs are changing. Many are trying different approaches or changing meeting times and activities. But, what is or is not working is in constant change.  It is hard to develop a single answer for what will work in your club. Rather than use a trial-and-error approach, attend the “Rotary Membership Summit” and learn what other clubs are doing — what is working, what is not.

Please take advantage of this opportunity. Once you network, you also will have names you can call for an update or to discuss ideas.

To get the most out of the summit, have two or more of your club members attend so you get more sets of eyes, ears, and thoughts to share with your club.  There will be a lot of discussions at the event. There are no answers that fit all clubs. If you have a membership chair who can’t make it, have someone fill in.

Please sign up online on the District 7190 website.

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