District Training Assembly has something for all

Screen shot 2018-06-15 at 2.37.21 PMWe are hoping to have three or four SRC members attend the upcoming “District Training Assembly, Grants Management Seminar, and New Member Orientation,” the activity with perhaps the longest title in Rotary, scheduled for Saturday, April 6, in Schenectady.

The lengthy title comes about  because rather than having one or maybe two components to the event as in the past, it has been expanded this year. As a result, it now is open to all Rotarians.

The curriculum will include leadership development training, the various Rotary websites, use of Facebook, District Youth Programs, Rotary grants management, and new member orientation. Plus, critical training for both treasurers and secretaries, pertinent because of the many changes going on within Rotary. So, please contact Terry Brewer if you are interested in participating.

First of all, we need a minimum of two members to take the grants management program to be eligible to apply for a grant the following year. More than two would be ideal.

As to new member orientation, this is perfect for new or returning Rotarians because Rotary sometimes can be a rather dense subject to delve into. It will help newcomers engage with the club and its activities more comfortably and quickly.

A few other things to remember:

• There is no charge to attend.

• You get fed for free.

• You may attend any of the modules. It is possible to attend up to five if you’re curious enough.

• Some of the modules require only a 90-minute commitment.

• The whole shebang wraps up by 3 p.m., so you have the rest of your Saturday free.

For more details, just click here.

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