Pre-dinner ‘chair yoga’ on Thursday’s menu

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.38.25 AMFeeling a little stressed? Come to this Thursday’s meeting at Quigley’s and let fellow SRC member Becky Raymond, who is a yoga instructor, lead you in a brief “chair yoga” exercise before dinner. Guaranteed to make you feel a lot better.

This particular form of yoga, while less physically strenuous than what we might think of  as “traditional” yoga, is no less relaxing and can be as beneficial.

Following the session, we’ll enjoy  a hearty dinner featuring eggplant Parmesan, antipasto salad, chef’s choice of side dishes, bread, dessert, and beverages.

If your name is not on the following list and you plan to join us — non-members are, as always welcome — please be sure to email dinner coordinator Debbie Brown at no later than Tuesday evening so we have sufficient food and seating for all who wish to attend.

Bailey, Pat
Brown, Debbie
Brown, Peter
Dowd, Bill
Drumm, Dick
Foote, Charlie
Forth, Murray
Hannan, Ray
Kellerman, Phil
Leyhane, Jim
Martinez, Roberto
Raymond, Becky
Rodriguiz, Debbie

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