Update: ‘Summer Casual’ events scheduling

UPDATE (5/28/19): We quickly received our first activity, from Terry Brewer who once again is arranging a trip to HVCC’s Bruno Stadium for a ValleyCats baseball game and pavilion picnic. Save the date: July 18.



Believe it or not, we are just a little more than a month from the start of our annual “Summer Casual Calendar,” that July-August period in which we switch to a less rigorous, more social schedule.

It covers the weeks that are home to the following Thursday dates:

• July 11
• July 18
• July 25
• August 1
• August 8
• August 15
• August 22

(Note: Events are not required to be held on Thursdays if another day of the week works better for a particular activity. )

As most of you know, in recent years the “Summer Casual Calendar” has been a mix of cookouts, pool parties, baseball games, summer theater performances, and other family-oriented get-togethers. Guests are always welcome, and it’s a good time to let potential members get to know us in a relaxed setting, or for you to personally contact members whose participation has been lagging to get re-energized with Rotary.

How, you may ask, do we come up with activities? It’s totally up to you, our members. Some organize field trips, some like to host a pool party and/or a cookout, some come up with other imaginative activities.

The key is planning well ahead so people with busy summer schedules know ASAP what dates to reserve.

As always, the club president coordinates the dates, with the help of the webmaster. For this summer, that means Phil Kellerman and Bill Dowd, plus anyone else President-elect Phil may designate. So, if you plan to get involved as an event organizer, the first thing to do is pick a date and let Phil and Bill both know what it is and what the event is so it can get on the “Summer Casual Calendar.”

Looking forward to your ideas!

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