Are you bagging your returnable Clynk beverage containers?

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.07.08 AM

In response to the headline question, we certainly hope so, for several reasons.

• The Clynk program we’re enrolled in via Hannaford supermarkets and the Clynk recycling company helps the environment through responsible recycling of beverage containers, and helps us raise funds for ShelterBox.

• Each container’s deposit return goes to the SRC treasury to support ShelterBox.

• The process saves you time and effort because you do not have to separate, rinse, and re-cap redeemable plastic, glass, and metal beverage containers.

We hope to present the club with a check of $400 or so by the time our first dinner meeting rolls around in September. Of course, we need your ongoing help to make that a reality since at a nickel or so per container it takes quite a while for the total to mount up.

Although we’ve told every SRC member numerous times how the program works, we’ll do it one more time to be sure everyone understands how easy it is to do good:

(1.) Only specific plastic bags and bar code stickers are usable with the Clynk program. You can get them at any dinner meeting at Quigley’s, or by contacting program coordinator Bill Dowd.

(2.) Simply put any plastic, glass, or metal beverage container on which a deposit has been paid in one of the bags. No need to rinse, uncap, or sort them.

(3.) When a bag is full, just put a bar code sticker in the appropriate place, take the bag to any Hannaford where you can scan it and drop it in the receptacle chute, and then be on your merry way.

That’s it! You’ve just helped the environment, the club, and ShelterBox. And, therefore, the world.

(If you’re curious about the Clynk process at its recycling facility in Maine, click here for a short video explaining it.)


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