We’re taking a journey to the Golan Heights

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 1.24.14 PM

The Golan Heights have been in the international spotlight for more than a half-century, ever since the Syrian area was occupied by Israel during the Six-Day War.

Dean Calamaras will present a PowerPoint program at our Thursday dinner meeting called “Journey To the Golan Heights,” retracing a visit he and son Michael paid to the region.

The dinner mean will feature chicken Parmesan plus an antipasto salad, chef’s choice of side dishes, bread, dessert, and beverages. And, as always, the cash bar is available.

If you plan to attend but have not yet informed dinner coordinator Debbie Rodriguez, please email her no later than Tuesday evening at debannrod@yahoo.com. Above all, be sure to let her know if you plan to bring one or more guests so we don’t have a last-second scramble for seating.

Those who currently have reserved:

Pat Bailey
Terry Brewer
Debbie Brown
Peter Brown
Dean Calamaras
Bill Dowd
Dick Drumm
Murray Forth
Ray Hannan
Phil Kellerman
Kevin Leyhane
Wells Packard
Becky Raymond
Debbie Rodriguez

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