Update: Tonight’s BBQ event will go on

UPDATE: Although a postponement announcement was emailed to all who had RSVP’s for tonight’s outdoor event at the Brown residence, that has changed.

Here’s the word from Peter Brown:

“After much consideration and many false starts, it our decision to have the picnic tonight.  You are all invited to come at 5 o’clock with your drinks and enjoy a socially safe conversation and/or swim.  Kids please come and swim.

“Debbie and I have a very specific plan for keeping everyone safe.  Our house has a large enough downstairs area to be able to spread us out and maintain a safe social distance inside if the weather should force us to move inside.  We will be set up to dine both outside and inside.  Jim Mendrysa will feed us at 6 p.m. So, if you come at 5 we will have plenty of time for socializing and swimming.  If you feel this is not safe you certainly are not forced to come.  However, I have discussed the plans with Dick Drumm and with Debbie Rodriguez and received clearance.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you!!  Last night we got very little rain and none before 8 p.m.”



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