Update: Lining up ‘Summer Casual’ schedule

Now that most adults have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and state attendance restrictions on in-person gatherings are being eased, we’re nearing the return of SRC outdoor gatherings.

Our first will be at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 24, with a picnic at the Drumm farm to mark our annual “Presidential Changeover,” when Dick will be handing the gavel to Debbie Rodriguez.

And, we now have the first of eight “Summer Casual” dates reserved in July and August. Jim Leyhane and Roberto Martinez will co-host a picnic and pool party at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 22, at Jim’s residence.

Details and signup dates for both events will be shared closer to those dates. Meanwhile, reserve them on your calendar.

According to the latest CDC guidance, people who are fully vaccinated can associate with other fully vaccinated people with only “miniscule” chance of a COVID problem. Thus, we’re asking any club members and significant others who wish to attend any events to do so only if fully vaxxed.

Meanwhile, if you would like to hold some sort of “Summer Casual” event or to plan an outing for the club, please let incoming president Debbie and/or webmaster Bill Dowd know so the date can be reserved and publicized.

The July-August schedule:


01 — Holiday lead-in, no meeting

04 — Fourth of July holiday

08 — Summer Casual event (TBD)

15 — Summer Casual event (TBD)

22 — Summer Casual: Picnic & Pool Party, 6 p.m., Leyhane residence

29 — Summer Casual event (TBD)


05 — Summer Casual event (TBD)

12 — Summer Casual event (TBD)

19 — Summer Casual event (TBD)

26 — Summer Casual event (TBD)

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