Meeting clipboard: 9/23/21

MEMBERS ATTENDING (8, no quorum): Kevin Leyhane, Bill Dowd, Ray Hannan, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Charlie Foote, Phil Kellerman, Dick Drumm.


President-elect Kevin Leyhane presided in the absence of President Debbie Rodriguez.

Most of the Zoom session was devoted to sharing of members’ impressions of the initial dinner meeting at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant in North Greenbush. While largely positive, several members noted that the $25 per person charge was high, considering the menu prices for the two entrees available was much lower than that. Conversely, it was noted that Moscatiello’s was not charging an extra fee for the private room, and overall food prices have risen sharply in recent months as inflation continues to hit more parts of the economy.

For the foreseeable future, we will alternate in-person meetings at Moscatiello’s with virtual meetings via Zoom. As always, the schedule and access links will be available on the club website calendar page.

Next Thursday, September 30, we will be hosting District Governor Bruce McConnelee and District Governor-elect Denise DiNoto. The club is encouraging members to bring their spouses or significant others to the dinner to insure a strong turnout.

The menu entree choices: Chicken Limone (chicken breast sauteéd in white wine with garlic, lemon, capers, olives, mushrooms, served over spinach); spaghetti and meatballs, and penne a la vodka. No need for RSVPs, just tell our waitperson when you arrive which of the three entrees you prefer. A cash bar also is available.

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