Meeting Clipboard: 11/11/21 (updated)

What’s on TV? Us — Murray Forth via remote Zoom, a bunch of fellow Rotarians in person. No reason not to attend!

Members Attending (18): Debbie Rodriguez, Kevin Leyhane, Pat Bailey, Bill Dowd, Terry Brewer, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Tony Morris, Becky Raymond, Dick Drumm, Murray Forth (remote), Carol Orvis (proxy), Dean Calamaras (proxy), Doris Calamaras (proxy), Charlie Foote (proxy), Ray Hannan (proxy).

Guests (1): Debbie Morris.

President Debbie Rodriguez presided, at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant, and noted the presence of a quorum.

Meeting Notes:

• Members were reminded that the Greenbush YMCA’s annual “Community Basket Brigade” for Thanksgiving is under way. (Details here.) The deadline for making donations of money and/or basket items is Monday, November 15. (Update: At the Board meeting following the regular meeting, it was decided to make a $250 club contribution to the drive in addition to anything the individual members may contribute.

• President Debbie reminded attendees that proceeds from the annual “Pocket Change Jar,” the recipient of which traditionally has been designated by the club president since April Dowd created it in 2013, this year will be given to Unity House of Troy Inc., the only licensed domestic violence shelter in Rensselaer County. Since we currently meet in-person only biweekly, it was suggested that members may want to double their donations at dinner meetings to make up for the off-week.

• We had five proxies submitted for this week’s meeting. Debbie asked that anyone who wishes to submit a proxy in lieu of attending a meeting email her no later than each Wednesday so they are not overlooked because of a last-minute email. Several members have emailed her their “enduring proxies,” which means she can count them any time they are not in attendance without having a proxy submitted each time.

• Members were informed that former member Julius Frankel and wife Effie have relocated to assisted living in the Boston area. We will try to get their new address for any members who wish to send them cards or anything else. (Update: The Frankels’ new address is Evans Park at Newton Corner, Apt. 208, 430 Centre Street, Watertown MA 02548.)

• Treasurer Murray reported that the Donor Advised Fund (DAF) — our new financial unit, officially designated The Dr. Richard Drumm Fund (details here) — now stands at $22,600+. That money has been invested via the Rotary Foundation. However, it was noted that our Foundation Advisory Committee (Murray, Phil Kellerman, A.J. Amato, Andy Leyhane) has not yet met. Debbie asked that the committee do so, and report back to the club about our investment status and any other questions that have been raised.

• We have plenty of open dates to schedule speakers or present our own members’ programs. Anyone looking for an available date can simply check the spreadsheet that is part of our website calendar page, then submit their program details to program coordinators Kevin Leyhane and/or Becky Raymond. They will share them with Bill Dowd who will publicize the programs on all social media.

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