Meeting Clipboard: 2/3/22

MEMBERS ATTENDING (17): Debbie Rodriguez, Murray Forth, Dick Drumm, Pat Bailey,  Charlie Foote, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Phil Kellerman, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Kevin Leyhane, Andy Leyhane, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, Tony Morris, Carol Orvis (by proxy), Becky Raymond (by proxy).

Guests: None.

President Debbie Rodriguez called the Zoom meeting to order and noted the presence of a quorum.

Meeting Notes:

IN-PERSON MEETINGS — The membership has decided to return to in-person meetings at Moscatiello’s, alternating with Zoom sessions, beginning next week at 6:15 p.m. Thursday (February 10). Bill Dowd will be presenting the sort-of-annual “Great North American Whizbang Trivia Test.”

VIKING OUTDOOR GYM — The meeting scheduled for today at Schodack Town Hall to discuss the Viking Gym’s status and future was rescheduled to 11 a.m. next Thursday, February 10. SRC members are invited to attend, with Ron Annis as the club lead.

SERVICE PROJECTS — Secretary Pat Bailey will respond to the request from PDG Fred Carvin, the District historian, for a summary of service projects, fundraisers, exceptional guest speakers, and events in which the club or individual members participated. That information will be incorporated into the historian’s report to be presented at the District Conference in Lake George.

DAF COMMITTEE — Phil Kellerman reported that the Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Committee, appointed last year, is planning to hold its first meeting on or before Thursday, February 17, and should be able to report to the membership during the scheduled February 17 Zoom meeting.

ROTARY IMPACT COMMITTEE — Pat Bailey provided an update on the newly-named committee working on a fundraising project. Details will be shared as plans proceed.

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