Meeting Clipboard: 2/10/22

MEMBERS ATTENDING (16): Debbie Rodriguez, Kevin Leyhane, Pat Bailey, Andy Leyhane, Bill Dowd, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Dick Drumm, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Becky Raymond, Phil Kellerman, Tony Morris, Dean Calamaras (by proxy), Doris Calamaras (by proxy), Carol Orvis (by proxy).

GUESTS (1): Debbie Morris.

President Debbie Rodriguez called the meeting to order at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant and noted the presence of a quorum.


PROGRAM: Bill Dowd conducted his “Great North American Whizbang Trivia Test,” returning after a year off due to the lack of in-person meetings during the worst of the pandemic. This was the 7th year for the quiz. Peter Brown emerged the winner, earning a book on “Bar Trivia.” Congratulations to him, and thanks to all who participated.

VIKING GYM — President Debbie updated members on a meeting the club had today with the Town of Schodack regarding restoration and potential expansion of the Viking outdoor gym at the Town Park. The SRC-sponsored gym, made of raw wood that had not had the bark stripped, was removed after it degraded beyond repair. The Town expressed interest in rebuilding and further discussion on materials, funding, layout, etc., will be held.

DG SCREENING — Bill Dowd reported he will be be representing Area 8 clubs on the panel scheduled to interview potential District Governor candidates this Saturday. It will be a two-hour Zoom session.

INTER-CLUB EFFORT — Debbie said she has extended a feeler to the Kiwanis Club of East Greenbush to explore the possibility of joint projects. We also will invite Kiwanians to attend one of our dinner meetings, and they will reciprocate so we can get to know each other better. Members in attendance expressed support for such a possibility.

BOARD MEETING — The SRC Board Meeting has been rescheduled for March 10, following the scheduled dinner meeting. The change was made because the original February date conflicted with school vacation.

UPCOMING MEETINGS — We will meet at 7 p.m. via Zoom next week, February 17. … By consensus, members agreed to hold Zoom meetings any time a scheduled dinner meeting is called off because of inclement weather.

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