Meeting Clipboard: 4/21/22

MEMBERS ATTENDING (13): Debbie Rodriguez, Jim Leyhane, Roberto Martinez, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Dick Drumm, Phil Kellerman, Terry Brewer, Carol Orvis (by proxy), Dean Calamaras (by proxy), Doris Calamaras (by proxy), Tony Morris (by proxy), Charles Foote (by proxy}.


President Debbie Rodriguez called the meeting at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant to order and noted the presence of a quorum.


 CHANGE IN MEETING NOTICE The meeting format for June 9 has been changed from Zoom to an in-person meeting at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant. We hope to have our three high school scholarship winners attend and share comments on their school and community service experience as well as their future educational plans. We also are trying to line up Jeff Simon to make a short presentation about the East Greenbush Central Schools winning an award as “Best School District in the Capital Region.”

• SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS — Terry Brewer has contacted the Rensselaer, Maple Hill, and Columbia high schools about this year‘s scholarships. Each of the scholarships is a $1,000 grant presented to a senior selected by their schools. Nominations are to be submitted to Terry by May 23.

• IMPACT COMMITTEE MEETING — Philip Kellerman gave an update on the Impact Committee. It was decided we would not be able to sell any raffle tickets because we couldn’t find a location that would allow us to. It was important to find a location that allowed us to talk about Rotary and maybe one chance would be at the YMCA. It was noted that the Club has a banner and we will retrieve it from storage. Jim Leyhane suggested we reconsider the Cafe Capriccio restaurant raffle that had been so successful in the past.

• KIWANIS MEETING —  Debbie Rodriquez gave an update on the meeting scheduled with Kiwanians for April 27 at the Schodack Diner. She and Ron Annis plan to attend to discuss having Kiwanis partner with SRC Rotary on the Viking outdoor gym project.

• ANNUAL CLUB DUES —The annual club dues are due no later than June 1. More information is available on the website. Those who do not pay dues by the deadline cannot be listed as members. Please be diligent with this responsibility.

• DRIVER SAFETY COURSE — Jim and Roberto Martinez working on getting an instructor to teach a driver safety course. More information should be available next week.

• NEXT MEETING — We will meet via Zoom at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 28.

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