Meeting Clipboard 10/13/22

MEMBERS ATTENDING (10): Peter Brown, Jim Leyhane, Dick Drumm, Andy Leyhane, Pat Bailey, Phil Kellerman, Debbie Rodriguez, Becky Raymond, Ray Hannan and Debbie Brown.


President-Elect Peter Brown called the meeting to order.


Hybrid Meeting:  Unfortunately, due to some complications, there was no hybrid option for tonight’s meeting. Covid and technology can still be tricky.  Zoom requires approximately four hours for posting. Last minute changes are not easily accommodated. We plan to set up recurring Zoom meetings. We ask for patience as we work through the technology challenges. Thank you to all involved. 

Proxy Votes:  If unable to attend proxy votes can be submitted to a board member.  Proxy vote may also be submitted using the Remind App text notification.

Remind App:  Allows group texting for quicker sharing of information in the case of rescheduling, proxy voting, and may serve as a quick reminder for events.  Limited to 150 characters.  To join group:

                                    Send a text to the number:  81010

                                    Text this message:  @srcrot

Theme for the Year:  Reminder that the theme is “Growing Fellowship and Service Locally and Globally” We are looking for service projects and guest speakers that relate to this theme. 

Scheduling of Speakers: Becky Raymond led a brainstorm session and members suggested several possible speakers. If you have an idea for a speaker, contact Peter or Kevin.

Gift of Life Update:  We are working on identifying a new location for the box located in front of Tractor Supply in Schodack.

Rotaract: Due to our Zoom complications, John Justino was unable to join the meeting this evening. He reported via email that the Rotaract Club Meeting yesterday went well. Eight people attended, four current members and four potential new members. In addition to talking about the Clubs plans this semester and beyond, they discussed the need to nominate and/or appoint new club officers. They agreed that any member interested in a leadership position should express their interest by Friday, 10/14. 

The upcoming events being planned by the Club include a special seminar on World Polio Day at the School of Public Health on 10/24 at 1:30 PM.  The SRC Rotary is invited to attend.  The next major activity they are planning is a service activity with the Westhill Refugee Center in downtown Albany.  

Jim Leyhane suggested that the Club invite the Rotaract members to join us for an upcoming meeting. The invitation will be extended.

Exchange Student Program – Peter Brown reported that received a note from the graphics person at Columbia High School who will distribute flyers developed from the documents that he, Jim Leyhane and Suzanna Bernd (Rotary District Chair for the Exchange Program) developed. The flyer will be distributed to students and parents. He also received a note from Jason Breh (Principal of Maple Hill High School) that the Superintendent of the Schodack School District and the Board of Education are on board with the exchange program. Peter will share the flyer with them.

Boy Scouts – Jim Leyhane reported that Kevin and Andy Leyhane attended the Eagle Scout ceremony held at Schodack Town Park on October 10th.

Next Meeting – Thursday, October 20, dinner at 6:00 pm at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant, Route 4, North Greenbush. Also, you can join the by Zoom using the link on the websites calendar page. 

Entree choices will be Chicken Casear Salad, Chicken Limone and Baked or Fried sausage and peppers.

Program:  Phil Kellerman spoke about LEAD (Foundation for Language and Education Development). Phil has been an advocate for the children of migrant farm workers for thirty years. Since these children are not residents of the states in which they live, they can’t get instate tuition for college. Phil also works with the “Dreamers”. There are approximately 800,000 students nationwide. With a DACA card, one can obtain a driver’s license, are able to work and won’t be deported but are not citizens. Phil’s works with LEAD to provide scholarship aid to these and migrant children to try and help them attain a college education.

Phil reviews the applications for LEAD looking at GPA’s and community service. He interviews the applicants regarding obstacles they have overcome, what schools they have been accepted at and financial status. Successful applicants typically receive $1,000 per semester.

To raise funds, LEAD has an annual Christmas appeal and holds a bowl-a-thon. Phil has an active eBay presence and donates a portion to LEAD. They are working to set up an endowment fund. You can learn more about LEAD at and/or contact Phil Kellerman.

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