Ooops! We need your help on summer signups


Summer Sked


Our summer signup sheet has gone astray. That means anyone who filled out their week-by-week preferences at last Thursday’s cookout or earlier is not recorded.


Our summer events don’t begin until this coming Thursday, July 7, so we have time to get back on track.

Please, do not RSVP in any fashion except via response to our weekly email request. We must have an accurate headcount in one place for each event this summer to make the way smoother for hosts and event coordinators. Having a confusing mix of phone calls, verbal reservations, and emails to various people leads to a mess. And, as we know, life is messy enough.


Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 4.58.14 PMFirst and foremost, please respond to this email no later than Tuesday whether you will or will not attend the  cookout at Jim Leyhane’s residence at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 7.

If you are planning to come, be sure to indicate how many guests (including kids) you plan to bring with you. The event will be a multi-level one:

• Jim will be serving barbecued boneless chicken breasts and fixin’s.

• Beer connoisseur Andy Leyhane will be hosting a mini beer-tasting of brews you may not be familiar with.

• Each member-attendee is asked to bring a dish — appetizers from surnames A-K, desserts from surnames L-Z, each to serve about six. (Please note, we’re asking one dish from each member, not each household.)

• Plus, the pool is open for adults and for kids.


You’ll see above that all eight weeks of our hiatus from formal meetings is filled with activities of all sorts. If you would like to RSVP in advance for any of the events, please feel free to do so when you send your response for the July 7 cookout/pool party/beer tasting event.


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