Thursday is first school supplies dropoff date

School Supply Drive logo
2nd annual School Supplies Drive

As you know, our 2nd annual “School Supplies Drive” began Friday. Please bring whatever you have purchased or otherwise acquired so far to this Thursday’s cookout at Jim Leyhane’s residence, the first drop-off opportunity.

(If by some crazy fluke you’re not aware of any of the emails, Facebook postings, Tweets, verbal announcements at meetings, or website postings about the project, please go to the club website and scroll down to see the details of the effort and the shopping lists.)

We’re hoping to do even better than we did last year, which should be assured, considering our membership has grown by 50% since then. The recipients will be pre-school and high school students in the Rensselaer City School District, where more than one-third of the students live at or below the federal poverty level. (Other grades will be served by other programs.)

If you won’t be attending and/or contributing at Thursday’s event, you have another few weeks after that. If for some reason you don’t plan to join us for any of our activities before August 21, the contribution deadline, please let Bill Dowd know and he’ll personally come to your home or place of work to pick up your contributions.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to help fulfill one of Rotary’s six stated areas of concentration: “Improving basic education and literacy.”

Thank you as always for your generosity.


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