Update on ‘Adopt-a-Family’ project

adopt-a-family-logoUPDATE (11/18/16): From April Dowd: I have just learned that the family we will be helping through Circles of Mercy this holiday season has received some devastating news. Darlene, the 70-year-old household head who is caring for her three great-grandchildren, has been diagnosed with cancer. Given that she will be faced with unexpected medical-related bills, we are expanding the needs/wish list for the family.

In addition to the list circulated this week to all members, I would like to emphasize the need for gift cards — preferably for WalMart, where Darlene can shop for food and everyday needs, and for gasoline to help her get to her medical appointments and all the driving needed for the kids. And, obviously, we will be donating more clothes for the kids than were on the original list.

Please, those of you who have not yet replied to my original message, let me know what you would like to contribute. Thank you.

(Originally posted 11/16/16)

Once again, we are working with the local family services agency Circles of Mercy to make the holidays brighter for a family in need.

Richard Zazycki, Circles’ executive director, has just sent us the “need/wish list” of items for this year’s “Adopt-a-Family” project. Our assigned family is a bit different this year. The head of it is a 70-year-old great-grandmother who has custody of, and cares for, three children — two girls and one boy, ages 4 to 6.

To avoid duplication or omission, project coordinator April Dowd says she would appreciate it if anyone wishing to help would send me a note in advance of shopping, specifying what item they wish to purchase. She then will coordinate your responses and get back to everyone on what they can contribute. Obviously, overall we can contribute more than one of each item, so more of our members can be involved.

As in the past, you will need to wrap all gifts and label each with the appropriate name. The deadline for delivering gifts to Circles of Mercy is Friday, December 16. To accomplish this, after I get back to you on what to shop for, please bring gifts to one of three upcoming SRC meetings — December 1, 8 or 15 — and April will collect and deliver them.

Here is our family:

Harmoney — girl, age 4

Need to have: Sweatshirts and pants, size 5/6; sneakers, child’s size 11
Nice to have: DC super hero doll; princess doll

(favorite colors are purple and pink)

Liberty — girl, age 5

Need to have: Sweatshirts, size 7; sneakers, child’s size 12
Nice to have: Legos; DC superhero doll

(favorite colors are purple and pink)

Kayleb — boy, age 6

Need to have: Sweatshirts, size 8-10; sneakers, child’s size 13
Nice to have: Legos; any game for PlayStation 3 or X-Box 360

(favorite colors are blue and green)

Darlene (great grandma) — age 70

Need to have: Any type of food card
Nice to have: Any type of gas card

Thank you for helping with this very worthwhile project, part of our ongoing commitment to making our community a better place for all.

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