It’s that time of year; start spreading the word

The first of our annual winter series of Indoor Simulator Golf Tournaments at Burden Lake Country Cub will be held in just a few weeks.

We need every member of the club to help spread the word in any way they can during this holiday period when people’s attention might be on other topics. The more notice we can give the public the better.

All SRC members are being emailed a copy of the attached flyer today. (It already has been posted on the club website, Facebook and Twitter pages.) We ask that you forward it to friends who like to golf, post a copy on your Facebook page, get it posted at your place of work, where you shop or have a beer, at the YMCA, library, churches, schools, etc. Encourage people at such places to get a foursome together for the event. It is open to people of all skill levels.

These tournaments are major sources of funding for our many community service projects, scholarships, grants, etc. Remember, every cent we earn goes toward such initiatives.



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