Right after the holidays …

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-3-17-08-pmWe’re putting together our January meeting programs so you can mark your calendars and get back in the swing of participating as often as your busy schedules allow. Here are a few of the things we already have lined up:

• January 5 — President Debbie Rodriguez will conduct a session that will allow our various committees to have individual in-person discussions, then report back to the full group on what they’re doing. PLUS, we will hold a vote on the proposed changes to the Club Bylaws, postponed from its original December date.

• January 12 — Charlie Foote has arranged for James Arrington of the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center to speak about the many and varied services the center offers to veterans of all branches of our military.

• January 19 — This is one of those double-duty days. At 7 a.m., our monthly breakfast meeting at the Greenbush Area YMCA will feature Executive Director  Jim Butterworth speaking on his work with CASDA — the Capital District School Development Association. Then, after the 6:15 dinner meeting, we’ll have a hands-on, how-to presentation by our webmaster Bill Dowd on how you can better utilize our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Please plan to bring your cellphones, iPads, laptops, etc., so you can follow along.

Be assured we’ll keep you updated as more programs are added. We hope to have strong turnout for all of these events to make the Rotary experience richer for everyone.

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