You can put fun in a basket for our Holiday Party silent auction

Basket 1
Bloody Mary Kit in a Basket

Here’s a special note for our newer SRC members: Show off your creative side by putting together a themed gift basket for the silent auction we hold each year at our “December Holiday Party.”

This year’s party will again be hosted by Murray and Maggie Forth, on Thursday, December 21,

Over the years we have seen members and families come up with some very imaginative baskets and shared some suggestions on others (see here, here. and here.) Take a look at them for inspiration, or go in your own original design direction. Hint: You’ll note that some of the accompanying photos use substitute containers for the basic baskets themselves.

We usually suggest you can create baskets with starting bid levels of anywhere from $10 to $35. Proceeds of the silent auction all will go directly to the club treasury to help support our many public service initiatives. And, the winning bidders get something fun to take home. A win-win all around.

So, take advantage of the fact you have 50 days and counting until presentation day!

Pasta Basket
A Pasta Dinner Basket
Jar Baskets
Jars Can Substitute for Baskets


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