RSVP by Tuesday for special Thursday dinner

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 6.48.31 PM
Thursday’s dinner entree.

As our club’s membership continues to grow, we are expanding efforts to involve more SRC members in the workings of, and planning for, the club’s initiatives.

Last week, President Roberto Martinez reported to a large gathering on the recent SRC Board retreat, the status of the club, and some changes we are making. This Thursday, after our 6:15 dinner at Quigley’s, Board member Terry Brewer will speak on “Developing and Supporting SRC Rotary Programs and Activities.”

This is an opportunity — especially for those members who rarely attend the evening meetings where the bulk of our business and planning are conducted — to get up to speed on how we fund what we do, whether we can continue the number of undertakings we’re involved with, and what else we can do and how we can pay for it.

Please plan to attend and be a part of this important conversation — as well as enjoying a lasagna dinner with Italian antipasto salad, bread, dessert, and beverages.

As always, if your name is not on the list below, please email dinner coordinator Debbie Brown at no later than Tuesday evening so she can give the restaurant the correct headcount for food and seating. Reservations so far:

Bailey, Pat
Brewer, Terry
Brown, Debbie
Brown, Peter
Dowd, April
Dowd, Bill
Drumm, Dick
Forth, Murray
Hannan, Ray
Leyhane, Jim
Leyhane, Kevin
Martinez, Roberto
Nasca, Bonnie
Nasca, Phil
Rodriguez, Debbie


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