Meeting of 11/9/17: ‘Sustaining Our Efforts’


screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-7-10-54-pmMeeting at Quigley’s Restaurant
593 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY

November 9, 2017

Members Attending (15): Roberto Martinez, Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Jim Leyhane, Bill Dowd, Dick Drumm, Dean Calamaras, Terry Brewer, Kevin Leyhane, Debbie Rodriguez, Debbie Brown, Peter Brown, Becky Raymond, Phil Nasca, Charlie Foote.

Guests (3): Bill Nathan, Kaitlin Driesse, Ashley Beaulieu.


Ashley Beaulieu (left) and Kaitlin Driesse, who are forming a Rotaract chapter at the UAlbany School of Public Health, were in attendance Thursday evening.

ROTARACT PROGRESS — Creation of a Rotaract Club (young Rotarians ages 18-30) is moving forward at the UAlbany School of Public Health. SRC is the sponsoring club, John Justino — who, incidentally, is submitting an individual membership application — will be faculty advisor, Phil and Bonnie Nasca sponsors, and Debbie Rodriguez and Becky Raymond SRC’s liaisons with the new entity. Kaitlin Driesse and Ashley Beaulieu, graduate students at the school who are the catalysts behind the new Rotaract, were in attendance tonight.

MEMBERSHIP TRAINING — Terry Brewer reported on the latest District 7190 Membership Training Workshop. Terry, who is the District lead for membership efforts, and Ray Hannan represented SRC at the Wednesday event. The District is developing a cadre of eight instructors who will visit individual clubs to help them improve membership recruitment and retention. The goal for 2017-18 is a 10% increase in net membership.

COMMUNITY CELEBRATION DINNER — Our second such event this year will honor about 40 first responders, students, alumni, military, and others from the community at a 5:30 p.m. buffet on Tuesday, December 5, at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant in North Greenbush. SRC is supporting the event, which is chaired by John Sawchuk. Reservations are $35, and sponsorships are $100. Anyone interested in a business, family, or individual sponsorship is asked to contact Murray Forth ASAP. This is a fundraiser for SRC, and we project several thousand dollars to be realized to support our club’s community service efforts. Because of the size of the venue and the number of honorees and their guests, we do not need a large contingent from the club to attend. We already have eight (8) signed up, which seems to be sufficient: Terry Brewer, Murray Forth, Roberto Martinez, Bill Dowd, Debbie Rodriguez, Jim Leyhane, Kevin Leyhane, and Dick Drumm.

WEBSITE NOTIFICATIONS & CHANGES — Webmaster Bill Dowd reported that 37 members have signed up to receive automatic email notifications any time new material is posted on the club website. He said he expects to reach 90% or  more registration within the next 10 days. He said he thinks one glitch in the signup process is that if a corporate email does not recognize the required WordPress-generated invitation it throws such emails into a spam filter. … Bill also reminded attendees that he has reconfigured the website display to provide links to inside pages at the top of the screen to take into account the fact that more and more people are accessing the site on smartphone screens that do not allow for the wider display available via tablets or PC/Mac screens.

ADOPT-A-FAMILY (OR 2) — A report from April Dowd says she has been in contact with Circles of Mercy, and Terry Brewer has been in contact with Doors of Hope, to ascertain the needs and composition of families our club will be adopting for the holidays. Details will be shared with club members as received.

CALENDAR REMINDERS — This Friday (November 10) is the deadline for dropping off contributions to the “Community Basket Brigade” at the Greenbush YMCA as part of a Thanksgiving gift drive for needy families in the area. …We have 11 people registered to attend the District’s annual Foundation Dinner next Thursday, November 26, at the 90 State Street event space in downtown Albany. … Visiting Rotarian Bill Nathan of the Albany Club informed us that his group will hold its annual Holiday Auction from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday,  December 6, at the American Legion Post on Everett Road, just off I-90 Exit 4. Admission is $25, which covers a luncheon buffet. … The deadlines for dropping off contributions of non-perishable food items for The Anchor food pantry drive is 7 a.m. Thursday, November 16, at the SRC breakfast meeting at the Greenbush YMCA, and/or Tuesday, November 21, at Columbia High School. … Members are invited to attend the Eagle Honor Court ceremony at 2 p.m. Sunday, December 19, for Leonardo Gonzales, the latest Eagle co-sponsored by SRC and the Rensselaer Elks Lodge at the latter’s venue. … Our annual Holiday Party & Themed Basket Silent Auction will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, December 21, at Murray and Maggie Forth’s residence. Ideas for baskets have been posted on the website.

NEXT MEETING — 7 a.m. Thursday, November 16, Greenbush YMCA. No dinner meetings on November 16 or 23.

Program: “Developing and Supporting SRC Programs & Activities”

Speaker Terry Brewer

Board member Terry Brewer continued our series of working dinner sessions by providing a look at the types of initiatives the club undertakes and how they are funded. An outline of his talk:

A. Build Capacity for Projects & Activities:
1. Assess the interests of members; is it meaningful to commit?
2. Develop programs to maximize engagements & participation.
3. Recognize that projects need funding.
4. Recognize the capacity of members to participate; their time, funds, etc.

B. That’s a Great Idea –- What’s the Plan?
1. What is the idea; does it meet the club plan?
2. What is the club plan of action and who is leading or chairing?
3. What is the date and what is the cost?
4. How is it funded and what is the club capacity?

Terry displayed an inverted triangle showing national, District and club involvement and how the levels are interdependent. He spoke about our ongoing obligations such as polio immunization, scholarships, Gift of life and others, and also how the numbers work for dues and fees to Rotary International and the District. He distributed copies of our budget.

C. Types for Funding: Where it comes from and where it goes
1. Fundraisers
2. Member donations
3. Program sponsors

D. Revenues
Terry displayed a list of our activities and finances. For example, $40,000 is needed to cover Rotary Foundation, PolioPlus, Dues, and dinners.

E. Expenses
1. District and RI dues, Foundation and PolioPlus, PETS (Presidents-elect Training Sessions).
2. Programs & Services: youth, community, and scholarships

F. Funding Sources
Grants, members’ monetary donations, sponsorships — 45%, 45%, and 10%, respectively.

He asked rhetorically what is our capacity to support activities in time, dollars, and goods and services? He counseled us to “Do the good, but recognize how it’s done.”

During a brief Q&A period, Bill Dowd commented that over and above the revenue streams Terry mentioned were the unquantifiable support by members’ in-kind services, volunteer time, individual member underwriting of certain project expenses, and the like.

And, President Roberto noted at the end of the presentation that he will be distributing a form he briefly showed us last week to be used for all club undertakings. It will take into  account projected expenses, projected revenue, what category it would fall into, and other pertinent project-planning questions.

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