Starter ideas for your themed holiday baskets

Basket 2
A bird lover’s basket has it all
Basket 3
An all-in-one cupcake kit

For the umpteenth consecutive year, we will be holding a “Holiday Party & Themed Basket Silent Auction.” This year, it is scheduled for Thursday, December 20, on the eve of the winter solstice, at a site to be determined.

Basket 4
Cook up breakfast with this cup of handy ingredients
A golfer’s bucket list is in this “basket”

The dinner always is delicious, and the basket auction always is fun. For the former, you don’t have to do anything except show up and enjoy it. For the latter, you have to do two things — (1.) use your imagination to create a theme, and (2.) bid on the other baskets that appeal to you. (Proceeds go to our club treasury to support various services.)

The themed baskets have, in the past, taken on many forms, including such things as wine-and-cheese collections, baking sets, travel guides and beverages, candy samplers, Bloody Mary kits, toys and games assortments, and so on. You’re limited only by your imagination. And, other sorts of containers can serve as “baskets.”

Basket 5
Hunter/hiker’s assortment in a handy tote bag

We’ve sprinkled images of a variety of baskets around this posting to prime your imagination’s pump. Remember, it’s never too early to start getting your basket together. After all, the Holiday Party & Themed Basket Silent Auction is just 33 days away!

Basket 6
Warm-and-cozy-for-winter basket
Basket 7
A Christmas cookie kit
Italian dinner in a colander
A  bushel of Bloody Marys
A basket of healthy snacks for kids
A package of pampering products


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