‘Recycling & Shredding Day’ a sunshiny event

The weather cooperated on Saturday for the latest “SRC Recyling & Shredding Day” fundraiser. All proceeds go toward supporting our youth scholarship program and other selected community service efforts.

Thanks to all who helped make this another successful effort in support of environmental protection, and special thanks to Josh Wainman for arranging the use of the Wainschaf Associates facility.

Some images from the day:

Murray Forth always gets the best toys.
Three generations of Leyhanes.
Terry and Geoff Brewer play bookends to Andy Leyhane and Phil Kellerman.
Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane survey the treasure pile.
Debbie Rodriguez and Ray & Lois Hannan guard the cash box.
Dean Calamaras and Dick Drumm await the customers.
Carol Orvis joins Debbie & Peter Brown at the checkout table.
Metal items of every description were dropped off.
Roberto shows off his Rotary chapeau.



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