Summertime recycling push good for everyone

Clynk BagsSummertime tends to be a time when we consume more beverages — soft drinks, beers, fruit drinks, etc. — that are sold in glass, plastic, and metal containers requiring a deposit.

Redeeming them can be a pain in the neck — rinsing, sorting, bagging, etc. The Clynk redemption program in which SRC is enrolled will save you a lot of trouble and help the club raise funds at the same time.

After a strong start with member participation, we have hit a slump. We’d like to take this opportunity to get back on track this summer.

All you have to do is toss the containers in one of the approved plastic bags with a bar code sticker affixed and drop the bags off at any Hannaford supermarket. No rinsing, no sorting, etc. Just use the hand-scanner at Hannaford’s drop-off window to scan the bar code (that credits SRC’s account). It can’t get much simpler.

If you need the bags and/or bar code stickers, please let me know today or first thing Thursday and I’ll bring some to the Presidential Changeover Dinner set for Jim Leyhane’s residence Thursday evening, (If you don’t plan to attend but still would like to get the bags and/or stickers, let me know and I’ll find a way to get them to you ASAP.)

Recycling is good. Low-effort fundraising is good. What’s not to like?

Thanks for your attention.

Bill Dowd


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