Looking for Holiday Basket theme ideas?

How’s your planning going for a themed basket for our annual Holiday Party & Basket Silent Auction?

If you’re racking (or wracking, as it sometimes is spelled) your brain for ideas, we have a few below that may help.

Keep in mind that the word “basket” is used loosely when it comes to our silent auction entries. Over the years, we have seen people use buckets, planters, wire baskets, vases, flower pots, colanders, and all other manner of receptacles.

The more imaginative you are, the more guests at our December 19 Holiday Party will bid, and the more we’ll be able to add to our treasury in support of our many community service initiatives.

Crunch Time
We call this one “Crunch Time.” Anything with “crunch” in the name tucked in a basket.
Pamper Pan
This “Pamper Pan” holds a collection of personal bath and grooming items.
Tea for Two
“Tea for Two” is a basket of tea-related goodies in a rustic woven basket.
Bloody Mary Basket
The “Bloody Mary Basket” title says it all.
Breakfast Bowl
This truly is a “Breakfast Bowl.”
Pasta Perfect
“Pasta Perfect” in one neat kit.


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