Update: Dinner-and-show spots going fast

UPDATE AS OF 11 P.M. WEDNESDAY: Requests for reservations for our proposed August 5 dinner-and-theater outing are going fast. We’re limited to 12 spots (see story below) and on the first day have received seven. So, just five spots left, so if you want to participate, better act quickly.

For the second straight summer, we will have to forgo our traditional dinner-and-a-show outing to Chatham where the Mac-Haydn Theatre remains iffy about a production schedule because of the problems the COVID-19 pandemic caused with its planning.

However, all is not lost. We can travel approximately the same distance (from EG) — to New Lebanon — to enjoy the same sort of “Summer Casual” outing for dinner at a local restaurant before a show at a professional summer theater.

I’m looking into the possibility of setting up such an event for Thursday, August 5, but need to know how many people would be interested in participating. At the moment, I’m limiting it to 12 people on a first-come, first-served basis since so many facilities continue to impose crowd size restrictions for various reasons (state guidelines, staff availability, etc.)

Here are potential details:

DINNER — At Mario’s, an upscale Italian-American restaurant that has operated for nearly 60 years on Route 20 in New Lebanon.  You can access its current menu by clicking here. I have spoken with the owner and they can accommodate us at two tables near each other.

 THEATER — At The Theater Barn, a professional seasonal venue now in its 37th season. It is presenting “Night and Day: Love Lost and Found Through the Eyes of Cole Porter.” The beloved songs of the iconic American composer have been arranged into a romantic musical set in a Berkshires mansion,  circa 1930. This regional premiere is only the second production of the show ever mounted. Tickets are in the $30+ range. I’m awaiting a response from the box office manager with specifics. NOTE: The theater is admitting only fully vaccinated guests who will be asked to provide proof of vaccination. 

Mario’s Restaurant, New Lebanon

What I need to know in fairly short order is:

(a) How many people would like to attend the theater performance, and

(b) How many would like to have dinner before the show. 

It is NOT a package deal, so I could make reservations for theater-only for anyone who prefers that. However, to be sure of guaranteeing one or both options, I need to hear from all interested parties no later than Thursday, June 10. To expedite responses, simply email your reply to SRCrotary@gmail.com. And, please, only fully vaccinated people.

Thank you,
Bill Dowd

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