It’s ‘only’ May, but there are signs of summer

Our “Summer Casual” logo

We are in the waning stages of the 2021-22 Rotary Year. That means several things, among them:

• Dues for 2022-23 are due no later than June 1.

• We will be voting on May 12 for a slate of officers for the next Rotary Year.

• Our Presidential Changeover Dinner, at Moscatiello’s, is scheduled for June 30 when Debbie Rodriguez hands the gavel to Kevin Leyhane.


• Planning may begin for our “Summer Casual” schedule of events in July and August when we take our annual two-month break from formal meetings.

On that last item, the calendar below shows the available dates for anyone wishing to host or arrange a family-friendly summer event. Over the years we have enjoyed each others’ company at pool parties, picnics, cookouts, baseball games, professional theater performances, winery dinners, ice cream socials, and so on. We’re limited only by our imaginations.

If you would like to reserve one of the “Summer Casual” dates. please contact Kevin Leyhane.

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