The latest on our 3 ‘Adopt-a-Family’ efforts

srcadopt-logoThis promises to be our biggest “Adopt-a-Family” holiday period in club history. We have three separate efforts now under way that you can choose to support in one way or the other. Here are the details:


April Dowd is spearheading this effort for a local 70-year-old who is caring for her three young great-grandchildren and is herself battling cancer.

April emailed the family’s “wish list” to all members several weeks ago, but if you missed it or trashed it, you can click here to see an update on the effort that contains the shopping list. You can contact April at 238-1950.

Averill Park

Terry Brewer has taken the lead on this effort on behalf of a family with three children. You can contact Terry at 221-4050. The “wish list” is as follows:

Girl (13): Favorite colors are blue, pink, black, white, gray

Long-sleeve flannel shirts, woman’s size small; PJ’s with long sleeves, woman’s size small; scarf and gloves, black/gray; Ariana Grande poster; teen magazines; movie tickets; Target gift card

Girl (8): Favorite colors are pink and purple

Theme toys (Trolls, Emoji, Shopkins); long-sleeve shirts with theme items, girls’ size 8/9; PJ’s with long sleeves, girls’ size 8/9; toys (Trolls, Num Noms, Animal Jam, Tsum Tsum); age-appropriate crafts

Boy (9): Favorite colors are blue and red

Theme toys (Pokeman, Star Wars abd Marvel characters); PJ’s and long-sleeved shirts, size boys medium, with theme characters; Halo figures, small’ Marvel figures, small; Civil War toys; Qixels crafts; books (Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Sun, Pokemon the Official Strategy Guide)

East Greenbush

Club member John Sawchuk, principal at CHS, is marshaling his students and staff in an effort to adopt at least seven families for the holidays on behalf of SRC. If you’d like to help there, you can call John at 487-0990, although this appears to be pretty much a contained effort at the school.


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