Re-cycling day re-ally successful

The recycling site

Our first “Resolved To Recycle” on Saturday was a successful new fundraiser in support of our many community service projects.

The event, held at the Wainschaf Associates facility in Rensselaer that Josh Wainman supplied, was co-chaired by Mike Dewey and Matt Smith, with special help from Terry Brewer and Murray Forth, and additional help both financial and physical from  many other club members. (See the Our Sponsors website page.)

“I want to thank all club members for supporting and participating in our first
effort at a recycling activity. We had 22 members work the event,” Terry Brewer reported. ” A special thanks to new member Josh Wainman who offered his building and facilities. A great location and venue. The main office worked great for the cashiers and a warm place for workers throughout the day.

“Murray Forth provided recycling boxes and trucks to collect and transport recyclables. Murray’s support throughout the project made the day a success. We received many positive comments throughout the day for the event and were encouraged to hold another event in the spring.”

Two of our event organizers.
Ready for all kinds of work.
Getting SRC into the public eye.
A welcoming committee …
… and staffing a shift.
Remember when this stuff was “cutting edge” technology?
This isn’t the sort of “mouse” we expected to recycle. (Follow the arrow.)
Some people now have more room in their offices.

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