‘Amazing Race,’ sort of, to aid recovery center

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The Colonie-Guiderland Rotary Club is looking for help in fighting the widespread addiction and opioid crisis in the Capital Region.

To do so, it is planning a fundraising event to promote awareness of the issue and to raise funds to support the organization Second Chance Opportunities Inc. that is planning to open a community recovery center in Albany.

The center will be a safe and centralized location where people with an addiction, their families and loved ones can go to get support, direction and guidance while they are dealing with abuse disorders. Among the services will be learning how to gain employment, housing and life skills, being part of the recovery community, and learning to have fun and enjoy themselves without the use of substances, which greatly reduces the risk of relapse.

The fundraiser, “Amazing Race to Recovery,” is set for 9 a.m. Saturday, January 26, at
Crossgates Mall in Guilderland, w
ith a community forum and awards at 12:30 p.m.

A $20 donation per team member and pre-registration are required to participate. Registration deadline is Saturday, January 19. Teams can range from one to five people, and each team must have at least one person over age 18. A mobile phone is required and will be used during the event.

The event will be modeled on the long-running CBS series “The Amazing Race,” with detours, roadblocks, pitstops, etc. Teams will earn points for completing tasks throughout the mall and some tasks may be judged on time. Note: This is not a foot race, and no running is allowed in the mall.

Some ways individuals, businesses, and groups can help:

  • Register a team to participate in the event and pre-event fundraising

  • Be a sponsor or help obtain sponsors

  • Raise funds using the events Firstgiving site

  • Provide prize donations

  • Volunteers to help the day of the event

  • Forward this information to anyone you think might be interested

  • Share the Facebook Event  page with Facebook friends

  • Help promote this event

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