Get ready to unveil your holiday baskets

SRC Party 2019We’re barely a day away from the start of our annual SRC Holiday Party & Basket Silent Auction. Do you have your themed baskets ready to be bid on?

Besides being a fun part of the event, the auction raises money for our general treasury to be put toward support of our many public service efforts in the community. We’ve been posting suggested theme baskets on the website for several weeks (see here and here), but we suspect a lot of you have your own ideas to amaze and amuse the partygoers.

An advance thank-you to Maggie and Murray Forth, our hosts once again, who have been putting this event together for several weeks. It will begin at 6 p.m. Thursday at their residence in East Greenbush, so prepare to put on your party duds and join us.

P.S. The pool will not be open.


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